The Purpose of Master Plan 2030 (Interim Metro Review)

A new Metro station has been approved at Sydney Olympic Park as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to deliver Sydney Metro West. The delivery of an integrated station requires amendments to the planning controls for the three Metro owned sites in the Central Precinct of Sydney Olympic Park. The planning controls are contained within the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan.

New Central Urban Park adjacent to the new Metro station at Sydney Olympic Park

With a new Sydney Metro Station announced for Sydney Olympic Park, there is an opportunity for SOPA to capitalise on this development and breathe new life into this iconic location for Greater Sydney and Australia.

The Master Plan 2030 (Interim Metro Review) is required to enable a new Metro station and precinct development. The proposed changes are focused only on the Central Precinct and in particular the three sites impacted by the location of the new Metro station.

What are the changes?

The Master Plan 2030 (Interim Metro Review) outlines changes to the built form and street network in the area in the Central Precinct of Sydney Olympic Park, which is directly impacted by the new metro station. This includes :

  • Amendments to the planning controls to integrate the Sydney Metro West station into the Central Precinct;
  • Integration of a pedestrian plaza from Olympic Boulevard to the metro station;
  • Location of the bus interchange on Figtree Drive for seamless access through to the Metro station entrances;
  • Refinement of the street hierarchy to provide pedestrian through sites links to the Metro station;
  • Integration and connection of a new Central Urban Park to the Abattoir Precinct;
  • Amendments to the building height controls and other planning controls as necessary.

Master Plan 2050 Vision

Simultaneously, work has commenced on a new Place Vision and Strategy for Sydney Olympic Park which will leverage the Metro opportunity to position Sydney Olympic Park as a preferred location to live, work, discover, play and protect.

Proposed Metro Station in Central Precinct

These images illustrate various aspects of the Metro station development in Sydney Olympic Park