Calling all photographers

September is Biodiversity Month and 7th September is Threatened Species Day.

Residents, neighbours and workers of Sydney Olympic Park are invited to contribute towards creating a visual story about the biodiversity of the park that will be projected onto the wall of the Pullman Hotel at night.

Share an image you have taken while in the Park that showcases the biodiversity (the variety of living things) or one of our threatened species.

​General Notes

The welfare of biodiversity; animals, plants and their habitat, must always come before the capture of the photograph. Images that are considered threatening or posing a risk to the subject will not be used in the project.

Nesting is a time of great risk and stress for birds. Participants must not photograph birds/chicks or eggs in, at or near nests. Refer to the ethical photography guidelines of Birdlife Australia.


Images need to be:

  • of the biodiversity of Sydney Olympic Park
  • be taken from publicly accessible areas, from pathways or from hardstand or designated nature viewing structures. We are encouraging people to respect nature and NOT trample vegetation to get the best shot.
  • of a high resolution and in focus. As the photos will be projected at night, the more clarity the better
  • either portrait or landscape

Do not:

All images must be submitted through the mysop engage page by residents, neighbours and workers of Sydney Olympic Park.

By submitting your image you are giving permission for SOPA to include your image in the projection series only. All contributors will be acknowledged on a credits page at the end of the projection, not on individual images. If SOPA wished to re-use your image they will seek your permission.

SOPA also reserves the right to curate the submissions to provide the best collection, therefore not every image will make it to the final presentation.