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Example of a Pump Track course.

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The Haslams Pump Track project will create an outdoor adventure space with a new track for bikes, skateboards, roller skates, scooters and any wheeled devices. An accessible pathway from the car park to the track will support access for viewers and participants, with the track suitable for adaptive bikes and modified wheelchairs. Track courses of varying difficulty will entertain and challenge riders, providing a space for beginners to learn and experienced competitors to train their skills.

Beyond the track itself, there will be landscaped areas surrounding the track for rest and recreation. Take a seat and connect with nature. Experience the ecological importance of Sydney Olympic Park, showcased here by the biodiversity of grasslands, native plants and ponds nearby which are habitat for the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog.

The Project has a number of fixed elements that restrict the scope of possibilities - these include location, site boundaries, existing landform as a foundation for the new track, amenity services and a fixed budget of $500,000 funding received from the Places to Play program. However, there are opportunities for our community to contribute to the character of the track.

We're wanting your inspirations! Let your imagination run a little wild - how do you think the Pump Track could deliver on these goals?

  • Acknowledge Wangal Country and promote connections to diverse cultures
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Access, Inclusion, and Sustainability
  • Promote safety and togetherness
  • Landscaping and seating
  • Creative features and colours
  • Stories and signage
  • Naming the facility

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Proudly funded by the NSW Government:

The Places to Play program helps to increase equitable access to public open space through a $16.7million investment in projects that provide for adventure, nature and water based play activities such as mountain biking, scooter and skate places and pump tracks. Places to Play supports investment in nature and water playspaces to promote recreation and connection with nature for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Five children with helmets and scooters looking directly at camera.

The Pump Track will have a course for beginners and be able to be used by scooters, bikes, skateboards, roller skates, adaptive bikes and other wheeled devices.

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