Keeping Cats Safe at Home

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) is excited to collaborate with the RSPCA NSW on a vital new project – Keeping Cats Safe at Home.

The $2.5 million NSW Environmental Trust funded project aims to reduce the negative impacts that cats have on wildlife, and to encourage cat owners to keep their cats safely contained at home so they can live longer, happier and healthier lives. This initiative is incredibly important to the Authority, as the Park is home to over 250 animal species that may be impacted by cats, including many rare and threatened wildlife such as the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog.

A cat kept safe at home will live on average 10 years longer than a cat who is allowed to roam.

While many cat owners are responsible, some are not aware of what it takes to keep both cats and wildlife safe. RSPCA NSW has developed a series of information resources with a behaviour veterinarian, Dr Findy Wills, to equip cat owners with the knowledge and skills to help their cats live their best life at home.

Staying home doesn't mean missing out! check out the story of Penny and Ella below.

The Story of Penny and Ella

Check out these free, downloadable, vet approved resources

More resources can be found on the Keeping Cats Safe at Home website.