Our Sydney Olympic Park 2050 Vision & Strategy sees the Park as a living laboratory for urban innovation – a smart place to trial new technologies and approaches which will benefit NSW and future generations.

Sydney Olympic Park will have innovation and experimentation embedded in its DNA. It will attract projects, programs and people that are focused on addressing complex urban challenges - from environmental sustainability initiatives and the future of transportation to building construction technologies and recycled material testing. Sydney Olympic Park will be a place that attracts, supports and collaborates with partners seeking to solve complex challenges such as affordability, circularity, environment regeneration, resilient design and planning.

How smart is our Park now?

We are at the beginning of our Living Lab innovation journey. The technology currently active in the Park includes:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Smart Irrigation Management for Parks and Cool Towns (SIMPaCT)
  • Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM)
  • Wi-Fi

These technologies help to create better experiences in our public spaces by:

  • Improving community safety and security
  • Providing the local knowledge of where the hot and cool spots are to gather outdoors
  • Keeping the parklands green and their best looking self through sustainable watering
  • Enhancing the way major event crowds are managed as they arrive and leave
  • Providing equitable access to data to use devices in public

Making the Invisible Visible

3 people being surveyed

As we roll out smart technologies to help provide great public spaces and experiences, we want to involve the community in the process.

That’s why we’re piloting Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR) – a communication standard to inform and engage people about technologies in public spaces. This includes providing information about what data the technology is collecting, who’s collecting it, and what the data is being used for.

You may have already seen signage around Sydney Olympic Park providing information about nearby technologies. By scanning a QR code on a sign, you can learn more about the technology, ask questions, and share your feedback.

Deep dive into the details

We want your feedback

We are continuing to listen to community feedback on the technologies we are using and the DTPR standard for signage. Recent opportunities were behind the scenes technology in November 2023 with more planned for 2024. We are still listening and responding to the survey below. Keep letting us know what you think!