Neighbours Nurturing Nature is for you and your community

The Neighbours Nurturing Nature Volunteer Project is about establishing ongoing opportunities for community members to contribute to the care, improvement and protection of the Parklands. Interested? Read on to get involved.

What's in it for you?

A chance to get involved in practical and worthwhile projects that will foster guardianship of the Parklands, wetlands and waterways of Sydney Olympic Park, while also connecting with other people in the local community. This new Park Care project will allow us to deliver on the Sydney Olympic Park Community Development Plan, which identified engagement with the environment as a key community priority.

Next steps

Apply to be a volunteer, or visit our Eventbrite page to see our current event days. You are welcome to come along to as many or as few sessions as you like.

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Current Projects

Here are just a few of the activities that you can participate in. We also welcome ideas for new projects.
  • Self Service Volunteering

    Participate in clean up activities at a time that suits you.

Upcoming Events

Landcare Conference Presentation

Fiona Tucker presented the story of the Neighbours Nurturing Nature Volunteer Project at the recent 2022 National Landcare Conference held at the ICC in Sydney. The presentation is titled "Sydney's Beating Green Heart - Fostering Stewardship in the Sydney Olympic Park Community" and covers the history of the park site and how we're now working with community to make it the best it can be for both the flora, fauna and residents.

Information about the project

  • After bringing together an initial group of interested members of the community, we came up with ideas for projects.
  • Teal Pond work site was identified
  • Initial flora and fauna survey's were conducted, stakeholders were engaged, and community outreach started
  • Weeding, planting and ongoing maintenance of Teal Pond site
  • Delivered schools program to three local primary schools

Anyone who is keen to have a positive impact on the parklands and environment of Sydney Olympic Park, and who wants to work towards building sustainable community groups.

It is best suited to those that live or work in or in the immediate suburbs around the park.

We are working to create activities that will suit a variety of interests, skills and availability. That may include field work like weeding and park care, rubbish collection and fauna surveys, or indoor projects like repurposing street banners and community art projects.

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The main sites associated with our projects are listed below. Follow the coordinates and links below to pinpoint each site Google Maps.

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