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Share your message on Sydney Olympic Park Community Notice Boards

  • Jacaranda Square Community Notice Board

  • Pop-up Park Community Notice Board

Community Notice Boards, located at Pop-up Park and Jacaranda Square, are available for residents, workers, businesses or event organisers in Sydney Olympic Park. We want to display information that adds compelling interest to the life and everyday happenings of the local community

Sydney Olympic Park Authority manages the process to get your message on the community notice boards. This way we can ensure information is current, relatable and interesting for our community. It is our aim to maintain a level of inclusive and accessible standards for the messages displayed.

  • Things we like

    1. The activity demonstrates good community benefit and value
    2. You are a stakeholder or community member of the park
    3. You are offering an experience for community members to participate
    4. The activity or opportunity is happening in Sydney Olympic Park
    5. Your activity or opportunity is happening a minimum of 4 weeks from the time you submit your poster
  • Make us smile with

    1. Colourful, vibrant and creative elements
    2. Great spelling and correct information
    3. Inclusive and accessible design - keep it simple and readable from a distance
    4. Poster or flyer sizes – A3, A4 or A5
    5. Well designed with clear information about what? When? Where?