Have you ever wondered what happens to banners hung at Sydney Olympic Park?

In the past they have been recycled and used as mattress filling, but this year we'll be repurposing many of them into a major piece of public art that will be created by you, the community!

The goal is to create several large pieces to be hung at the Parramatta Bike Hub which will be available to the public when the parklands are open.

As part of the project we are hoping to:

  • Teach people new skills
  • Encourage people to think creatively and outside the box
  • Bring community together to work on a shared project
  • Showcase the creativity of the local community
  • Have collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • Start discussions about waste, reuse, repurposing and recycling
  • Produce a engaging work that brings attention to the installation location

Final installation


To create an installation artwork at the Parramatta Bike Hub (and maybe more) that combines all the individual pieces into one cohesive artwork.

Questions Answered

We will be using old Sydney Olympic Park banner fabric. The material has already been weathered and will last in the environment. You will be able to pick up your fabric at one of the drop-in sessions (see calendar).

We will also be collecting found object such as plastic rubbish found in the park (cleaned of course), bike reflectors and similar items.

Banner fabric is turned into squares using a variety of methods.

Once we have enough squares/shapes to work with, they will be combined into larger pieces to be hung.

No. It is a planned piece of art and placed with the permission of Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Absolutely not! This is about the fun and freedom of being creative. There is no right or wrong end product. Wonky pieces will be gratefully accepted.

Most certainly. There are lots of things you can do without knowing a specific skill.

And if you join us at a drop-in session there will be people available to teach you new skills.